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Paid online media campaigns: why your company should invest


The job of creating an assertive digital marketing strategy is really challenging.

For many companies, the existence of an immense diversity of media and formats is seen as a double-edged sword: at the same time that it offers many possibilities, it makes the work of deciding which paths to take a complicated problem.

Marketing is a science, and on the internet, this fact is particularly true. So much so that the choice of channels formats, tone of communication, and even the time when a post is made is crucial to achieve good results.

There are many variables involved in marketing planning, such as choosing the organic or the paid strategy.

In our next blog, we will talk about how to create good online media campaigns.

But first, let’s understand the difference between organic and paid reach on the internet.

Organic versus paid reach

Organic reach​

Obtaining good results in organic reach is the dream of professionals working with online media.

The organic result is not only cheaper – after all, nothing is paid for that ad to be seen, apart from its production – but it is also more suitable in the long run.

In the organic, the results are achieved after a lot of time and work invested.

However, it is worth mentioning that social networks have considerably reduced the organic reach of company profiles, as is the case of Facebook, which started to reduce it from 2014.

According to Facebook’s vice president of Advertising Technology, Brian Boland,
one of the main reasons for adopting the new strategy is the gigantic amount of content on the network, which results in competitiveness in the News Feed.

Boland also argued that the proposal of the social network is to bring relevant content to the user.

From that, the parameter for displaying content has changed completely. Today, the organic reach of business pages has dropped from16% to 6.5%.

Paid reach

The paid reach, on the other hand, is obtained through boosting posts and creating online media campaigns. The option is ideal for those who need good results in the short term. The delivery of sponsored ads is based on the profile of the users. On social media, the pages you like, posts you engage with, and search trends are what determines whether a person will receive certain content. In search engines, on the other hand, the search terms searched are what define the ads that will impact it. Paid ads allow you to control who will receive your ad, for how long, where it will run, and several other factors. In contrast, it is not sufficient to create a campaign. It must have a solid strategy and be well executed. But, after all, how to achieve this?

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